Tut: Fluttering By

This tutorial was written by me on May 17th 2012, and is entirely my own work. Any resemblance to other tutorials or designs is purely coincidental. This tutorial is done in PSP x4 but may be done in other versions as well. A basic understanding of PSP and its tools are needed.

Ok the tube I used for this one is a Gorjuss Sweetie by Suzanne Woolcott. Her tubes can be purchased here.
I used a FTU scrap kit by Scrapbook Giny called Yellow dream which you can find here, and the striped paper from Suzanne Woolcott's fairy scrap kit found here.
The mask I used is in my supplies found here.
Font of choice is Jandles found here.
I also used gradient glow effect.

1. Open a new raster layer 600 x 600 pixels.

2. Open the fairy scrap kit, cut & copy the striped paper on to the new canvas.

3. Load 046mask with these settings

4. Open Giny_YD_mask1, copy & paste as new layer. Resize using sample as guide.

5. Open stitched heart8, paste as new layer.

6. Paste tube of choice into the center of the heart, resize as needed. Add drop shadow if desired.

7. Paste butterfly 3 behind tube to give the illusion of butterfly wings.

8. Paste butterfly1 x 2 and place where desired. Add drop shadow.

9. Open leaves6 and place near the bottom of the stitched heart.

10. Paste leaves3 x 2 to the left side of heart and position accordingly. Add drop shadow.

11. Open flower1 place on top of leaves3 and duplicate so that you have 2 yellow flowers. Paste flower4 between the two yellow ones. Add drop shadow.

12. Type whatever words you like over the top, add drop shadow then go to effects >plugins add gradient glow.

13. Put your copyright info and your done!

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